Specchio riscaldante a infrarossi


Pannello radiante Infrapower VCIR-600-M a Specchio senza profilo 600 Watt Montaggio a parete verticale o orizzontale Struttura a strati di rame ed argento nano barra Conduttore elettrico Grafite di carbonio e Nickel Facile montaggio Per vani da 3 a 6 m2

Pannello radiante Infrapower VCIR600M INFRAVCIR600M INFRAPOWER VCIR-60-90-600-G-M

Specchio riscaldante a infrarossi

The long infrared C are at the base of the heating technology of these panels. Generated by a special conductor. consisting of carbon graphite and nickel. these rays are transformed into heat when encounter solid objects such as walls or ceilings which. in their turn. release the stored heat by creating a uniform warmth in the room.

The infrared panel Infrapower VCIR 600 M sold by MPC SHOP is a particularly heating mirror veru useful in the bathroom as. if in operation. does not tarnish. Also prevents the formation of mold and condensation on the walls.


  • Measurements: 60x90x2.5 cm
  • Power: 600 Watt
  • Colour: Mirror
  • Mounting: a parete
  • Cable: Lenght 3 meters
  • Plug: Schuko

Pannelli Radianti Infrarossi

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